And The Surrounding Mountains

And The Surrounding Mountains (2002, Merge Records)

1. You And The Father
2. On The Line
3. This Xmas Eve
4. Rock Of The Lake
5. Sisters
6. Uncles
7. Still Evil
8. The Wake Of All That’s Past
9. Camplight
10. Mothers
11. Mountains
12. Morning Song
“Climb outta that hammock and put down that glass of Country Time. Get in your car. You needed to pick up some more fertilizer today anyway. Stop off at your local record shop, and pick up a copy of And the Surrounding Mountains.” – Pitchfork

Understated. Unassuming. Neither word does justice to the slow-burning might of the Radar Brothers. They have been composing and recording beautifully melancholic songs that carry with them imperturbable poise and magisterial sadness. With And The Surrounding Mountains this just might be the record to melt a cynic’s heart.

On The LIne

Jim Putnam – Engineer, Guitar, Piano, Producer, Synthesizer, Vocals
Senon Gaius Williams – Bass, Percussion
Steve Goodfriend – Drums