The Fallen Leaf Pages

Radar Bros. – The Fallen Leaf Pages (2005, Merge Records)

1. Faces Of The Damned (1:08)
2. To Remember (3:00)
3. Papillon (4:42)
4. Government Land (3:27)
5. We’re Not Sleeping (3:40)
6. Dark Road Window (3:18 )
7. Like An Ant Floating In Milk (2:59)
8. Is That Blood (3:25)
9. The River Shade (3:36)
10. Show Yourself (3:17)
11. Sometime, Awhile Ago (5:14)
12. The Fish (4:09)
13. Breathing Again (3:36)
“Each track glows like a golden hour snapshot capturing a certain sunset idealism” – Pitchfork

The Fallen Leaf Pages is the fourth full length from L.A.’s Radar Bros. For the past ten years, the band has delivered beautifully crafted sparse desert pop calling to mind influences as varied as Pink Floyd, The Byrds and The Beach Boys. The Fallen Leaf Pages is thirteen songs of gorgeously lush, vaguely melancholic beauty recorded over the past two years at songwriter Jim Putnam’s own Phase III studio. With bassist Senon Williams and drummer Steve Goodfriend, Putnam’s compositions have grown into organic living entities on which these “brothers” perform as one being.

Is This Blood

Jim Putnam – Engineer, Guitar, Keyboards, Mixing, Vocals
Senon Gaius Williams – Bass, Percussion
Steve Goodfriend – Drums, Percussion