The Illustrated Garden

RADAR BROTHERS – The Illustrated Garden (2010, Merge Records)

01 Dear Headlights
02 Rainbow
03 For The Birds
04 Quarry
05 Horses Warriors [download]
06 Chickens
07 And The Birds
08 Xmas Lights
09 People
10 Radio
“. . .[Horses Warriors] sounds like a cross between the score to a Spaghetti Western and beard folk. Like Ennio Morricone working with the Fleet Foxes. . .” -Blogcritics

On The Illustrated Garden Jim Putnam has found a new band of brothers in bass player Be Hussey and drummer Stevie Treichel. It’s the punchiest, most lyrically direct set of songs the band has released to date. The songs are unmistakably Radar Brothers, but the Treichel/Hussey rhythm section often pushes them in unexpected directions.

Horses Warriors - Aquarium Drunkard Session

Jim Putnam – Engineer, Guitar, Piano, Vocals
Be Hussey – Engineer, Bass, Guitar (Electric), Vocals
Stevie Treichel – Drums, Percussion, Vocals